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Washington Post Profiles Upscale Log and Timber Homes

Washington Post“Today’s Log Homes Aren’t Just Rustic–They’re Upscale” — Washington Post

“Log homes. These pioneer-like residences conjure images of Abraham Lincoln reading by candlelight or Daniel Boone and his coonskin cap. For whatever reason, there is something Norman Rockwell-esque about these rustic structures that make us feel warm and safe,” writes Rory S. Coakley, in the June 7, 2016 Washington Post.

“These days, however, log homes (vs. the log cabins that were built by early European settlers) look nothing like the throwbacks from our history but are, rather, more comfortable and luxurious — and perhaps that’s the appeal.”

“Log cabin living can be an attractive alternative to a traditional home for suburbanites looking to get away for a weekend or baby boomers getting ready to retire.”

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