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What is so special about Lifeline Ultra-7 wood stain?

Sophisticated Colors – Unmatched Durability – Maximum Coverage
… here’s the truth behind Perma-Chink Systems new
high-performance finishing product – Lifeline™ Ultra -7

Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. has been one of the most environmentally responsible manufacturers of wood home care products for over 35 years!

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One of the most important aesthetic considerations for log and timber home owners is stain color and tone. By choosing a high-performance finish like Lifeline™ Ultra-7, you are ensuring that the finish will look as beautiful years after application as it did the second day it was applied thanks to a balanced formula of transparent iron oxides, mildew inhibitors and an advanced polymer resin.

Lifeline Ultra-7 is the most durable exterior stain that Perma-Chink Systems has ever developed.

Lifeline™ Ultra-7 is the most durable ex-terior stain that Perma-Chink Systems has ever developed. After multiple exposure tests in harsh-weather areas across the country (think snow country, the sunny southeast and ex-treme mountain locations), Lifeline™ Ultra-7 stands out as THE top-of-the-line, long-lasting finish.

The secret behind its durability is Lifeline™ Ultra-7’s state-of-the-art resin that creates a flexible and tough seal on your home’s logs. Perhaps more importantly than the seal’s strength, the resin also ensures that the seal is continuous, providing protection from holes and gaps that might other-wise develop with a lower-quality finish. In addition it has un-surpassed adhesion to wood.

Lifeline Ultra-7 has proven to be much more resistant to UV degradation, color fading and adhesion loss.

When you think about the cost of products and labor over an extended period of time, Lifeline™ will be the least expensive of your options. Plus, Lifeline™ Ultra-7 can be used in nearly every application around your home, mak-ing it a great one-stop-shop product for all of your finishing needs. It works on exterior walls, siding, railings, , while also being compatible with all existing Lifeline coatings to help streamline your maintenance routine.

Lifeline Ultra-7 comes with a five-year warranty against UV exposure.

Lifeline™ Ultra-7 meets and exceeds all standards for low-VOC exterior finishes in the most restrictive regions in North America, meaning you can use it absolutely anywhere your log or timber home happens to be located. Plus, the tools you use to apply your home’s finish need only soap and water for clean-up, eliminating the need for any harsh chemicals during the initial application or maintenance. Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. has been one of the most environmentally responsible manufacturers of wood home care products for over 35 years!

“Your Lifeline Ultra 7 is fantastic, I can’t believe it’s water based!” — James Stonecypher

“I did my homework and I honestly found the best stain on the market. You can see the quality of the product right from the first brush stroke. No bad smell at all…not when you first open it, not while you are applying it and no linger-ing smell once you’re finished staining. Dried fast, so I finished fast.” — John Aarons

“I have personally applied every one of our products on my log house in Colorado.  That furniture grade finish provides the best protection for the logs. When it comes to ultimate endurance, extraordinary appearance, ease of application and environmentally responsible formulation, there is only one choice – Perma-Chink Systems.” — Rich Dunstan, Founder and President, Perma-Chink Systems, Inc.