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Blue Ridge Log Cabins

Blue Ridge Log Cabins
625 E. Frontage Road,
Campobello, SC 29322
(888) 563-3275

See why Blue Ridge Log Cabins is revolutionizing the log and timber home industry.

Driven by the desire to fulfill your dreams of owning a log and timber home, the team at Blue Ridge Log Cabins has worked hard to develop a system that allows us to build for you the absolute best log and timber home in the industry, in a time period unmatched by anyone, at a price point significantly less than anyone else.

Why Blue Ridge Log Cabins? What makes us different?
Earl Taylor founded the world’s largest log and timber home “kit” company in the late 70’s and he discovered first hand the frustrations customers experienced including a process that hindered their enthusiasm and stretched their budgets. He watched smiles turn to frowns when their finished home looked nothing like they had hoped. By the early 90’s, Taylor knew there had to be a better, more efficient way to construct log and timber homes. He decided to change the process based on what customers really wanted to experience. Thus Blue Ridge Log Cabins, the world’s first (and only) solid log modular home builder was born. Customer satisfaction is what differentiates Blue Ridge Log Cabins from other log and timber home companies.

The Best of Both Worlds
Custom log cabins are made of natural materials and can take a year or more to build. “Do-it-yourself” kits are dropped on your site and you take care of the rest. Those were the only two options customers had, until we asked a fundamental question that has changed our industry: “What would it take to have the best of both worlds, keeping the beauty and character of natural wood homes but build faster and better than any kit on the market?”

So we put our team to work developing just that…and here we are today, designing and building dream homes with an extraordinary turnaround period, in our facility’s ideal temperatures and conditions under a team of watchful eyes to ensure that it’s built with excellence, and has our—and your—stamp of approval. From there, sometimes our one day process can deliver a beautiful log and timber home to your land and have it up before the day is over. No waiting, no agonizing over delays, no scheduling problems with contractors. That’s our promise to you.