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July Is National Log Home Month!

4-20-2015 4-56-53 PM

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For the fourth consecutive year, members of the NAHB Log and Timber Homes Council (LTHC) are celebrating National Log Home Open House Month. During the month of July, LTHC members will honor America’s log home heritage by hosting home tours, holding log raising demonstrations, giving mill tours, sponsoring seminars and more.

“Log homes vary in size and style from tiny cabins in the woods to grand, multimillion dollar estates. There are no limits to what log home construction can provide,” said LTHC Chair Mark Elliott of Coventry Log Homes in Woodsville, N.H. “We welcome builders and home buyers to join us in the National Log Home Open House festivities by attending our special events and factory tours across the U.S.”

Mark Elliot, vice president at Coventry Log Homes.

Mark Elliott is the Chairman of the Log and Timber Homes Council and Vice President at Coventry Log Homes.

In addition to the warm, comforting ambiance a log home provides, there are numerous practical benefits of log home ownership, especially for those interested in a green home.

Modern manufacturing processes utilize every portion of the log, resulting in far less waste on the jobsite compared to conventional construction. The waste that is created is typically turned into mulch or sawdust that then can be converted into fuel.

Log homes also can be highly energy efficient—the fact that the logs used are solid and uninterrupted, coupled with the modern sealant materials and building techniques, is what makes them so.

According to scientific studies, logs absorb heat energy during the day and radiate it at night to even out the temperature, a principle called thermal mass, which can make the occupants feel more comfortable while using less energy over the life of the home. Plus, there are fewer man-made materials in a log home than a conventional one.

To ensure the highest quality log home, home buyers would do well to work with companies that are part of the Log and Timber Homes Council, as they hold themselves to a higher standard of business and construction practices. LTHC members must:

  • Abide by a strict code of ethics.
  • Grade their logs and timbers by third party agencies to ensure structural integrity.
  • Provide detailed construction manuals to ensure correct construction techniques.
  • Sponsor scientific studies that advance log building technologies.
  • Provide free information to help consumers make smart choices.

“Buying your log home from a member of the LTHC helps protect your investment,” Elliott said. “Each member wants to be sure that you are getting the best log home possible.”

Visit http://loghomes.org/eventsloghomes/2015-07/  to learn about local events during the month-long open house.
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