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HearthStone Profiled by Award Winning Newspaper

Deluxe kitchen with timber accents throughout. Courtesy of Hearthstone.

Deluxe kitchen with timber accents throughout. Courtesy of Hearthstone.

HearthStone Log Homes has built log and timber homes for the likes of Steven Segal, Charlie Daniels, and Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Bank, as well as thousands of other less well-known folks.

But the roots of Dandridge’s HearthStone Log Homes are in the humble log cabin, writes reporter Steve Marion in the Standard Bearer, an award winning community newspaper in Jefferson County, Tennessee.

“Many of the oldest buildings you see throughout Europe are built with logs and timbers,” said Jobe Leonard, HearthStone Log Homes project manager. “Over time better ways of joining the timbers together were created – like dovetail notches and mortise and tenon joinery.”

The same building skills served pioneers to the New World, including the Appalachian Mountains. HearthStone Log Homes started in the early 1970s as a group of craftsmen in the Tennessee and North Carolina mountains who would refurbish 150 to 200-year-old cabins built by the pioneers.

“They would replace one or two logs and make the cabins new again,” said Leonard. “By the mid ’70s we had people coming to us saying, ‘We don’t have a 200-year-old cabin, but we know you know how to make the logs – can you build us an entire cabin?”

HearthStone Log Homes started building log home packages, and by the mid-1980s had shipped between 400 and 500 homes all over the United States.

“We have grown since then and invested in technology at our plant in Dandridge that no other sawmill has in the world,” said Leonard, a Dandridge native. Read full story.