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What Sets Council Members Apart!
Discover Why Log and Timber Home Buyers Have Been Entrusting Their Dreams to Council Members Since 1977!

Shop for a Log andTimber Home Producer
Meet All the Members of the Log and Timber Homes Council

Log and Timber Homes Council’s Buyer’s Guide
The Perfect Path to Your Dream Home!

Top 10 Reasons
Why You Should Only Buy from a Log and Timber Homes Council Member!

How to Make the Most of a Log and Timber Home Show
Strategies to Spend Your Time Efficiently

16 Secrets of Affordable Log and Timber Home Design
It’s Rare These Days to Hear the Phrase “Money is No Object.”

Log and Timber Home Industry Basics
Here’s the General Structure of the Log and Timber Home Industry

From Dream to Reality
Easy to Follow Steps to Get You Into the Log and Timber Home of Your Dreams

Log Corners and Profile Styles
How to Sort Through the Different Styles to Determine What’s Right for You

Why Log and Timber Homes Are Better Than Conventional Construction
Discover the Natural Advantages Log Homes Have Over Conventional Stick and Brick Construction

Insuring Your Dream Log and Timber Home
Mortgage and Title Companies Require it to Obtain a Construction-Permanent Loan

More Information to Help You Make Smart Decisions During the Buying and Building Process

Six Questions to Ask Prospective Builder/Dealers
Before You Buy: 12 Smart Financial Strategies
How to Finance Your Dream Home By Selling Your Conventional Home
Freddie Mac Has 120-Day Deadline for Appraisals
8 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your New Log and Timber Home
Discover How Log and Timber Homes Meet Green Building Guidelines
How to Design a Cozy Log and Timber Cabin: 11 Ways to Save Money and Make the Most of Your Square Footage
Smart Lighting Strategies for Your New Log and Timber Home
Choosing the Front Door for Your New Log and Timber Home
How Do Builders Charge for Their Services?

About The Council

Building your dream log or timber home is likely one of the largest investments you will make in your lifetime.
With so much riding on this decision, who do you trust? We suggest limiting your choices to members of the Log and Timber Homes Council. Why? Since 1977 home buyers have trusted members of the Log and Timber Homes Council to make their dream home a reality. That’s because all council members must:

  • Abide by a strict code of ethics
  • Grade all logs and timbers to ensure structural soundness
  • Provide construction manuals to ensure correct construction techniques
  • Sponsor scientific studies that advance log building technologies
  • Provide information to help consumers make smart choices

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